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Many of our members’ families who have found a spiritual home at St Peter’s for many years, and have chosen cremation, have expressed a desire that their final resting place be near their beloved church. We believe The Memorial Garden of St Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church at Sant Peter’s Kierch fulfils that wish.​


This serene setting is perfect for those who choose cremation as a reverent way of burial. Plantings visually enhance the surroundings of this final resting place and benches are available for those who visit.

A sense of peace and faith, of rest and remembrance

“...for the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd, and he will guide them to the springs of the water of life, and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.”


Revelation 7:17



The Memorial Garden is intended for the use of the any person, just as our faith and the doors of our church is open to all.




Although no individual site markers will be permitted, a common solid granite monument has been erected, on which will be engraved the first name, last name, birth year and death year of those whose cremated remains are disbursed in the Memorial Garden.


Though no visible markings will appear on the ground where their cremated remains have been placed, there will be entries in the Memorial Garden Registry for each person so that the cherished history of our parish may be preserved for years to come.





A Memorial Garden Committee has been appointed by the Congregation Council of St Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church to manage and maintain the area. The Garden is church property and is a non-commercial, non-profit endeavor. All cremated remains will be dispersed within the Memorial Garden. No additional trees, shrubs, flowers or ornamentation is permitted. This policy assures that the uniform beauty of the garden will remain.




Those persons desiring to have cremated remains disbursed at the Memorial Garden will be asked to make a minimum contribution of $800.00. This contribution provides for engraving of the name and dates on the monument, a listing in the Memorial Garden Registry, site preparation at the time of committal and perpetual care of the Memorial Garden grounds.

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