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Welcome to St. Peter's Advent U Of Faith

Advent Week 3

St. Peter's Lutheran, Middletown & Renewed in Grace Churches

Advent Week 2: Being a Participant in Our Salvation

Welcome to another week in Advent. Another week of waiting, another week of searching, another week of self-examination, another week of resting. Jesus is the Savior, not us, so if we're called to be God's hands in the world, how do we balance the idea of God the Savior with our Christian calling to do God's work?

Advent Week 1

Join our Coordinator of our TOGETHER youth and family program, Alex Mabee, reading a fun holiday book. We will be reading, "There's an Elf in Your Book" by Tom Fletcher and learning more about our first theme: HOPE!


Settle in with a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy a story and interactive activity meant to be shared with the whole family. Join us online every week!

We HOPE this program brings people together in this very exciting time of Advent as we await the birth of Jesus!

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