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On Sunday February 2, 2014 the renovated santuary was dedicated on the same day 135 years ago the congregation of St. Peter's walked from the Kierch to the new church to dedicate the sanctuary and begin worship services.  What a gift to dedicate the renovated sanctuary on the anniversary date!


Commemorating the event, parishioners gathered in Luther Hall and processed to the sanctuary.  The service included many thank yous with the blessing and dedication of the completed work.  Available soon will be pictures and video which captured this special morning on the day of the church building's anniversary and The Presentation of Our Lord.   


Dedications and donations for the renovated sanctuary continue to be welcomed.  Donations will help cover the costs of the renovation and can be placed in the weekly offering plate, left at or mailed to the office.


The sanctuary at St. Peter's was last renovated over 50 years ago.  At that time new carpet was installed and a fresh coat of paint covered the walls.  The sanctuary has seen many  happy moments as the members of St. Peter's celebrated their spirituality.  Many baptisms, weddings and funerals occurred through the years.  With time, the sanctuary was showing it's age.  Through good fortunes and prayer, the project to renovate is here.

Not only do the floors have a new carpet and the walls a fresh coat of paint, many other tasks occurred during the renovation project.  The plaster artwork was restored, long lasting, energy efficient lighting installed in addition to a new sound system enhancing and improving the audio quality.
The chancel has been reduced to single level to create better accessibility and mobility.  Also an ambo replaced the pulpit and lectern resulting in additional space in the chancel area.  Finally the back chancel wall was replaced in it's entirety by material which will acoustically enhance the organ and to be more architecturally correct.   



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