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December 2022


Responsibilities of the Facility Manager (FM).


The FM will make a daily walk through the church properties making a visual inspection to carry out responsibility for appearance and maintenance of the interior and exterior areas of the church, Metzger House, Barn, Kierch, Pastor residence, and the parking lot.


FM is responsible for the spot cleaning, repairs, and maintenance at all church properties. Tasks to include but not limited as needed: spot cleaning, building exterior appearances, snow removal, light/ballast repairs, light bulb changing, small painting projects, annual ABC bottles inspection, emergency lighting inspection, urn planting, prayer garden appearance, lawn mowing, hedge trimming. Volunteers will assist the FM when help is formally requested by FM/or directed by the council representative.


The FM will coordinate with staff for event set up and take down.


The FM will be responsible for the requisition of custodial and other supplies as needed. Vendor and contract in place.


Ensure all sections of the church buildings are properly heated and ventilated by programming and monitoring thermostat settings.


Maintain church-owned equipment to include snow blowers, lawn mowers, scaffold, ladders, buffers, carpet cleaners, and hand tools.


Manage existing contracts that include trash and recycle removal, elevator inspection, fire suppression systems inspection and maintenance, alarms systems, boiler inspections, cleaning services. These contracts and vendors are in place.  Coordinate with church council president when new sources are needed for existing or new maintenance requirements.


FM will maintain existing deficiency list and provide council president a written or typed updated list of deficiencies or item in need of repair. List is due the first working day of each month with initial and date of any that are completed.


Other duties as assigned.  The FM shall work under the direction and guidance of the Pastor and church council representative.


Salaries, Benefits and Conditions


The Facility Manager will be compensated at the rate of $20.00 per hour to be paid bi-weekly. The FM shall ensure that 20 hours per week of thorough work are provided to this Congregation. Any weekly deviation less than 20 hours shall be reported to the President of Council and Treasurer in writing in mailbox and /or email by the end of that particular week.  This part time position does not include benefits. Training and familiarization walk-thru will be provided.


The FM will work M-F 8:00-12:00 (start time negotiable) with flexible hours as necessary. Flexible hours to be negotiated with council representative.


The FM will complete and pass a Child Abuse Clearance and Criminal Background Check prior to employment.


Required Skills


This position requires a person with self motivation and self monitoring skills.  Much of the required work will be completed independently.  Work plans and priorities are established in conjunction with church needs and council representative.    


To apply, please send a letter of interest postmarked no later than January 18, 2023 to:


St Peters Lutheran Church

C/O Mutual Ministry

121 N Spring St.

Middletown Pa. 17057

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